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Bible: Ten Commandments list.

What G-d really wants people to observe?
The Ten Commandments?
The answer is No. Just SEVEN (you will see the list below).
Why itís seven? Who says that?
Why do thousands of people already follow them and why their importance was even recognized by U.S. Congress?

Ten Commandments list: any difference?

We are talking about a similar but separate set of commandments discovered thousands of years before the Ten Commandments and Bible were given (some of them overlap each other). This further proves that first six were given to Adam, the first man, and the final seventh one was revealed to to Noah - the Great Flood survivor.

Although Adam was the first in line, G-d has established a new Covenant with Noah (Genesis 9:9) who became the progenitor of all of mankind after the Flood (The New Encyclopedia Britannica: Micropedia 15th, Volume Eight page 737). The resulting set of Commandments is then named "Seven Commandments of the Sons of Noah" or the "Seven Noahide Laws".
On March 26, 1991 U.S. President George Bush, signed into law a congressional resolution on the Seven Laws (H.J. Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14 of the 102nd Congress.).

Breakthrough thoughts

• It was the failure of mankind to observe those 7 basic laws which brought destruction to the world in the form of the Great Flood.
• After the flood we were given a second chance.
• It became clear that one who accepts the 7 Commandments (and is careful about observing them) is considered by G-d a righteous person and promised to have a portion in the World to Come.

Whose Ten Commandments are They?

The Incredible Revelation on Mt. Sinai when the Jewish Ten Commandments and Bible (originally called the "Torah") where revealed to Moses/Jewish people occurred long after the Great Flood. (Exodus 24:12).
By the way, Jewish people have more than ten commandments (if your motherís mother is Jewish click here for details). Otherwise, if it's just ten of them, what did Moses learn from G-d during the 40 days on the mountain. (Exodus 24:18)? And after the incident with the Golden Calf, what did he do on the mountain for another 40 days? (Exodus 34:28)?

Moses and Torah/Bible scholars have preserved information about the details of Jewish Laws for many generations all the way through our current day, but due to the separation between the Jewish Religion and the rest of the world, the world has heard very little about the 7 laws for non-Jews. (Jews have their own 613 Laws and more responsibilities).

Final Thoughts

It just so happens that ancient Jews received the knowledge of what G-d wants from mankind through Moses when there werenít any Christian and only idol-worshippers; there simply wasnít anybody else to listen to G-dís word. The Holy One has chosen them as messengers throughout the centuries.

If the Christian world trusts Jews on the Ten Commandments given to them on Mt. Sinai, why not trust them on the Seven Noahide Commandments?

The Seven Noahide Commandments:

Do not worship idols. Details
Do not blaspheme the name of G-d (in any language). Details
Do not murder. Details
Do not commit immoral sexual acts (such as adultery, homosexuality, bestiality). Details
Do not steal or rob, or kidnap. Details
Appoint judges and set up a court of law. Details
7. Do not eat the flesh of an animal when it is still alive. Details
If you would like to PRINT the Commandments we have the list on a separate page.

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It is too much places, it is too much times. Days, weeks, years, centuries merge in one continuous strip of events and 10 commandments. I remember all of them. Also I remember everyone for whom I came, who could mention ten commandments listed over here. I remember that day when has acquired the right to send in Bible oblivion, in exchange for an opportunity to leave there most. Then I considered it as the good bargain, but now I do not know. This weight presses all on my commandments, being increased with each second of my infinite way more strongly. Return is not present. I was a fool, including, that the eternity granted to me is the highest ten Bible blessing. Bible eternity of life, eternity of loneliness, eternity of commandments suffering. No, not physical, sufferings spiritual. All has lost value, except for a Bible way. I am. But I was not present, inside commandments emptiness. Mine I am used up at that time while I continue the mournful Bible work. I walk in crowd of ten people, and they do not see me. I concern a ten-th century sleeping, but it only sobs in a Bible dream. Only animal feel my presence, but it frightens them. To the detached onlooker can seem, that I am at once in set of places, but it not so, simply I perceive time absolutely in another way. All alive somewhere deeply inside know, that I am. One are frightened my arrival, others look forward. The third at all do not trust, that I shall come and to them. Ten stupid fools. So it is a lot of them, but they so are similar against each other and Bible. I do not do distinctions between them. Men and women, old men and babies, geniuses and inutile essences, Bible, almost like for animals, what's the difference? The some Bible people learn me when I come behind them. They so are emotional. Fear. Hatred. Bewilderment. What to me of their feeling?

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